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HJS Group is a pioneer in Quarrying over three decades and one of the leading exporters of blocks for over four decades, The rough blocks are exported in great demand in the international market and to various parts of the world including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Canada, Europe, Far East and Middle East countries. The Group specialises in Black and Impala Quarrying with operations of multiple Quarries and owns upto 30 Quarries in South India which include Premium Black granite quarries, since 1975, in the Chamarajanagar, Yellandur & Kollegal taluks, Grey Granite in Chintamani & Sindoor and Multicolour granite in Ramanagaram & Kanakapura taluks of Karnataka.

Besides these, other popular types of granite such as Paradiso, Kashmir White, Black Galaxy, Madurai Colours, New Imperial Red and Himalayan Blue are also being extracted.

Enormous success in the quarrying activities has led the group to diversify into cutting and polishing of Granites, Processing Slabs, Tiles and Monuments. The Group also processes various items like Paving Stones, Kerbs and Cobble Stones in varying colours such as Pink, Grey and Yellow which are well established in the market today.


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